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Theater and Philharmonic Orchestra Thuringia
The Art Nouveau theater has an auditorium with 550 seats and a concert hall with 812 seats.
zu Fuss: 29 min.
Auto: 6 min, 2,5 km

Hofwiesenpark Gera
The Hofwiesenpark Gera was applied for the Federal Horticultural Convention in 2007 and was a central attraction. It is still worth seeing and invites you to linger and enjoy Gera and it's nature.
zu Fuss: 22 min, 1,8 km
Auto: 6 min, 1,9 km

Otto-Dix-House (Mohrenplatz 6)
The Otto-Dix-House, bithplace of famous painter it is named after, is located in Gera-Untermhaus near the Marienkirche. Today it is an art house, where works of Dix are exhibited
zu Fuss: 27 min
Auto: 9 min, 3,2 km

Orangery Gera
The Orangery, as a baroque building, forms the western end of the kitchen garden in Gera-Untermhaus. In addition to the Otto-Dix-House it os home of the art collection of Gera.
zu Fuss: 29 min
Auto: 6min,  2,5 km

City Museum (Museumsplatz 1)
The city museum focuses on the history of Gera and is divided in the Departments of Natural History and Cultural History. From 1724 to 1886, was an orphanage, penitentiary and prison.
zu Fuss: 29 min
Auto: 6min,  2,5 km 

Hofwiesenbad (Hofwiesenpark 2)
The Hofwiesenbad is a water park and one of the largest and most modern indoor swimming areas in Thuringia
zu Fuss: 23 min, 1,9 km
Auto: 6 min,  2 km

Main Train Station
zu Fuss: 27 min, 2,2 km
Auto: 6 min,  2,2 km

Panndorfhalle (Neue Straße 23)
The sports center near the Hofwiesenpark is venue of various competitions.

zu Fuss: 18 min, 1,5 km
Auto: 5 min,  1,6 km

Culture- and Convention Center
The Culture- and Convention center is located in the heart of Gera. It is an event and conference building with a multi purpose hall with 1700 seats. In the foyer you can find a big reief wall named „Song of Life". 24 sculptors from the GDR have participated in creating this art work.
zu Fuss: 8 min, 650 m
Auto: 5 min,  1,5 km
Gera Arcades (Heinrichstraße 30)
The arcades is Gera largest shopping mall. Various shops invite you for a stroll and shopping.
zu Fuss: 8 min, 650 m
Auto: 5 min,  1,5 km